Our method : Develop and apply the best solution that fit your needs :

Starting from your specific need, the Aromalyse team guides you from the definition of your needs to the exploitation of the results within your company.
No matter what your project, its complexity or duration, we offer you an analytical service which fits your needs and best answers your questions.

Define your needs

Identification of the context and specificities of your needs with a member of the Aromalyse team.

Draft an offer which responds to your enquiry

Permanent technology survey and internal R&D in order to propose you an optimal solution in terms of costs and efficiency.

Carry out fast and efficient analysis and R&D contract work

Our team of highly experienced chemists runs the analyses within the agreed timeline.

Process results and send out report

Data processing, writing up of a clear rapport and assistance in interpretation of the results by a chemistry expert available for all your questions.